In our Infant/Toddler classroom out daily key focus is to teach Social/language skills, decision making, and learning how to take turns; through the use of books, blocks, indoor play/outdoor exploration; while developing sensory, fine motor, and gross motor

Parents please be aware that in this classroom we are discovering our voices, new textures, learning/finding new sounds. Our classroom will be messy, it will be loud it may look crazy and out of order to you but it’s our daily discovery zone. (1)


Our infant program creates a safe learning environment for your child.  While our infants and young twos are learning in the same classroom, the room is divided to support optimum development for each age.  The infant side of our classroom provides a safe, calming, warm space for your infant to practice their skills and reach each developmental milestone.  Keeping relationships and continuous communication with you allows for our teachers to keep your child’s daily routine at school as close to their home routine as possible.  We meet your child’s needs as they request, feeding and sleeping on demand. Our teachers provide sensory activities daily so your infant can gain awareness of themselves and the world around them. The materials are as natural as possible, and safe for your infant to explore.  Our teachers are devoted to creating secure attachments with your child and supporting them in their first stage of emotional development – trust. We will respond to your child’s needs with the utmost respect, while recognizing and celebrating each accomplishment. Our infant program is devoted to supporting you, your family, and most of all – your priceless treasure.



2’s are naturally curious and eager little learners. Their brains are like sponges, absorbing all the knowledge they can, and that is why each day in our toddler program is filled with learning activities disguised as FUN! Our learning experiences are designed to promote these little ones’ blossoming independence, develop their social skills and foster self-confidence. Our teachers are knowledgeable about the ever changing development of toddlers and can easily adapt programs and activities to each individual child’s age and stage. You will love our program and will be amazed at just how much your toddler will learn in our super FUN 2’s class


Our 3year olds are starting to learn how to be “big kids” (Pre-Kers). Their day is more structured than our toddler program, prepping them for the Pre-K program. The preschoolers have daily circle time (group time), art, stories, songs, dancing, outside explorations and lots of potty training!! Yes, learning to use the potty is an important life skill essential to developing independence, and our teachers are ready to “partner up” with you on this. Teachers are also working with your child on small motor skills such as holding a crayon and cutting with scissors.
The basic abc’s and 123’s of preschool are also incorporated into this program by using fun games and activities.



Our Pre-K program is focused on school readiness. We focus on enhancing your child’s confidence and independence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Social skills are developed and nurture as your pre-ker is learning how to become a good friend. Classroom jobs introduce the concepts of responsibility and dependability to your child. These character traits are
another part of becoming a successful learner. Teachers set-up the environment to promote “natural learning” through activities related to the theme/concepts we are focusing on. We take pride in helping your child prepare for the road ahead!

Priceless Treasures

Salem Heights
Infant – 5 Years
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Ruby House
Infant – 5 years
992 Leona Lane S
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Diamond House
School Age
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